Yes, we do offer classes for both kids and adults.  Please click here to take a look at our schedule to see all the different classes we offer at Nuevolution Dance Studios.

Yes we do teach bachata.  Our main concentration is Modern, Traditional, and Dominican Style.

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Some Zumba classes may include Salsa music from time to time, yet the steps are not intended to teach you how to dance salsa with or without a partner. Most of the footwork in Zumba, ie., sliding, skipping, jogging motion, is not typical Salsa dance footwork

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This question makes reference to the two most prominent Salsa dance styles in the U.S. ( On-1 or LA Style and On-2 or NY Style). The 1 and 2 refers to the count upon which the dancer chooses to break forward onto his/her left foot. In my opinion its great to learn both styles as certain songs may tend to call for one particular style over another. Yet neither style is better that the other, its all Salsa. Listen to What Eddie Torres has to say about this in this wonderful video.



Yes, you absolutely can! Our Group Lessons on Saturday are Basic and Intermediate level lessons. The Basic Lessons are designed to take a student “from zero to dancing” in 2 hours! We have a great track record in doing just that. It may take some patients and practice on your part, however you can learn how to dance Salsa!

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No, you do not need to bring a partner. If this remains a concern for you please contact us before the class to make special arrangements.

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Sure, you don’t have to intentionally learn the count or “rhythm” in order to learn how to dance Salsa. Furthermore, you may fully enjoy yourself and have a great dance experience without ever actively learning about 123-567 or whatever count you dance on. However, if you dance on time, whether you realize it or not, you have passively or subconsciously learned the count. A good Salsa instructor will teach the students to intentionally learn the count. With time, the actual counting fades away. This will allow the student to quickly master the dance and have a deeper understanding of both the dance and rhythm changes in the music.

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This is another a very common question. The short answer is that these are three of the many different types of Latin music. They each have a different rhythm and different associated dance steps. Salsa can be distiguished from the others by its unique jazzy swing and its 2-3 or 3-2 rhythm or “CLAVE”. The more you listen to these different types of Latin music, you will become better at recognizing the differences between them.

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Well, you’ve gotten this far! You are actually at a salsa website. Congratulations! If you are just starting out, welcome to a wild ride. Salsa Dancing will prove rewarding to you in ways you can barely imagine right now! It’s the most fun you can have standing up. However, starting out isn’t easy! You’ll miss the beat, lack coordination, fear the unknown, and of course be scared of making a total ass out of yourself. These ALL play into the equation. It takes time, lessons (yes, it does), practice, and a little addiction, to get the most out of it.
The first thing you have to do is take lessons, and I recommend at least 2 times a week (and three is better). Why so much? Well, it takes a little time to get the beat that you hear in your ears, and feel in your heart, into your feet. Repetition helps! If you take lessons in the beginning, many times a week, it reinforces things you learn. In addition, after two to three weeks of group classes, take a private lesson! Private lessons really help you pick up the style, and leading/following technique, that aren’t necessarily abundantly clear (or even forthcoming) in group classes. You want an example? Well, a perfect example, for the ladies, is “arm tension” (i.e. how to feel a man’s lead without locking up your arms in front of you). Private lessons can REALLY help!
Next up, dance! Dance with everybody, everywhere, anytime. You’re just starting out, you’re not expected to be Fred Astaire! Dance with as many people as you possibly can, and don’t be afraid to ask that great dancer that you see in the club for a dance, or some help (or some pointers).
Finally, get out of the classes into the clubs! That’s where a lot of the fun is anyway, and why hold it off. A lot of the classes are in the clubs anyway, but if you’re taking classes at a ballroom or a private studio, make sure to make it out to the clubs at least once a week (preferably more). Not only is it a blast to go out dancing, but in the beginning it can help reinforce those things you learn in class. Nothing like some real world practice. It also help you get used to the music which is played in the clubs, which by and large, is faster than what you find in your typical salsa class!
Most importantly, have fun (you’ll find it hard not to)! We begin with this, and we end with this. That’s what dancing is all about. Relax, take a deep breath, and get ready for the ride of your life

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Private lessons are the best way to master a particular aspect of your dance. For example, during the lesson you may focus on turning, leading, or a specific turn pattern. Privates are intended to help the student have a breakthrough in their dance level or confidence level, which ultimately equates to an increase in their level of enjoyment. Our private lessons are reasonably priced and guaranteed.

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