• A life skill that will give them increased confidence
  • Learn foot positions, rhythm, timing, lead and follow

Our classes focuses on the following:

  • ✦ enhancing their physical development
  • ✦ building their self-confidence and social skills
  • ✦ developing creativity
  • ✦ expressing emotion
  • ✦ encouraging independence
  • ✦ expanding their rhythmic and body awareness
  • ✦ stimulating mental processes



All the parents, without exception, want to see their children successful and talented. Starting at an early age is the best time to start learning how to dance. Children learn movement patterns easily when they are young, similar to when they learn language. Your children will greatly benefit in life from learning to ballroom dance whether it is introduced as a hobby, for fun or to compete. Ballroom dancing provides social, physical and emotional benefits. The children will learn and develop coordination, balance, respect, strength, flexiblility, and all of the many health benefits from dance. So many studies have proven the benefit of dance and a child’s development: mental, physical, and emotional. Children who have participated in dance/music/theatre from a young age score better on SAT’s, have better attention spans, are creative problem-solvers, and are more well-balanced and adjusted. These are just a few reasons that dance classes help youth grow to be the best versions of themselves. Ballroom Dancing is a long-term investment in your child’s education and personal development, and it is our mission to instill a love for dance in all of our students, whether their goals are recreational or professional.


Exercise: Everyone knows that kids these days can use a little more exercise every chance that they can get! Due to the advent of videogames and the internet, some kids just don’t go out to play anymore. Dancing is a great aerobic activity that will get them moving and help develop their agility and coordination too. The best part is, the whole thing is fun and the kids will not even realize that they are exercising.

Confidence: If your child struggles with team or individual sports, learning to dance is a no-pressure physical activity that will help him or her to really develop some self-confidence. Instructors are always positive and patient with slower learners, and do everything they can to help them “get it.” it has been proven time and time again that dancing, no matter what type it is, will help a persons self-esteem and confidence which in turn will help them deal with the real world when they are adults.

Making friends: Dancing is a social activity, and your child will learn the basics of social etiquette along with enjoying making new friends in a fun environment. Being comfortable in socializing is a big help in your kids future success.


  • ✦ Kids Salsa
  • ✦ Kids Hip Hop
  • ✦ Kids Ballet
  • ✦ Baby Ballet (Ages 2 thru 5)
  • ✦ Kids Jazz
  • ✦ Kids Musical Theater