What is the Clave?

Nov. 2, 2016 by

The clave is traditionally a wooden instrument consisting of 2 sticks which are struck together to make a clicking or tapping sound.  Nowadays, sometimes it is a plastic hollow rectangular “box” which may be hand-held or mounted on the drum

Counting Music

Oct. 28, 2016 by

Hey guys… I know we have been discussing this particular topic ALOT in class lately.  This is the MOST IMPORTANT topic when it comes to your dancing.  I have found this article on the internet which should be quite helpful. 

Salsa Dance Etiquette

Oct. 24, 2016 by

Hey Guys… Lots of you in class have been asking about etiquette on the dance floor.  I found this article from Addicted 2 Salsa which breaks down things that one should know while dancing on the dance floor… ——————————————————————————————- Top

Overcoming Frustration

Oct. 23, 2016 by

We understand that learning a new skill can be somewhat frustrating. Almost to the point in which you will just simply quit because it has become too much for you to handle. Here are a few steps that can help