Take a look at how Nuevolution Dance came to be.

We wanted a change and longed to find something innovative and new to introduce to the dance community. With this idea in our hearts, we all began working on finding the perfect balance between building a family dance environment along with providing top quality training in dance and fitness. The original idea was just to train ourselves and perform at events and salsa congresses. Then it suddenly grew to finding a location to teach since we love to teach and it finally progressed to getting our own studio location. Our concept and idea were faced with so many obstacles but somehow through our hard work and the grace of God, Nuevolution Dance Studios was born. This hot new Dance Studio continues to grow and strive. Our wish is to continue to share our love of dance and fitness in the hopes that you will come and join our classes. Our motto, Innovate your Body and Soul; means a great deal to us. We feel that everyone taking our class needs to be able to express themselves via their bodies and souls, giving all they can to make that dance the best dance possible. Nuevolution Dance Studios, the premier Latin Dance and Fitness School in Pembroke Pines Florida, provides students of all levels with an extraordinary dance and fitness adventure. Nuevolution Dance Studios offers a fun filled surrounding where people can learn how to move your body and have a great time.We provide training in many facets of latin dance including Salsa, Mambo, Casino/Rueda, Bachata, Argentine Tango, and many other forms of dance. We also provide Fitness Programs including Zumba, Tae Bo, and Yoga. Also provided is an after school kids program giving instruction in Lyrical, Jazz, Contemporary, Street Dance, Hip Hop, Pop/Lock, Casino, and Zumbatomic. We encourage you all to become part of the Nuevolution Dance.

Take a look at our dedicated instructors

Guy Lovell


Emmanuelle S. Jean-Baptiste

Casino Rueda Instructor

Cristina Padilla


Danny Segura

Casino Rueda Instructor

Jennifer Barreto

Performance Coordinator

Brooklynn Mack

Bachata Instructor

Michael Davis

Salsa Instructor

Brian "Bzo" Bailey

Hip Hop Instructor
We offer very competitive prices affordable by everyone


Witness with your own eyes the joy we have in sharing our passion of dance and fitness to the world.
Click any of the videos to get a feel of the wonderful environment we strive to give at Nuevolution Dance Studios.

Salsa and Bachata Lessons

Kids Hip Hop Performance

Zumba Fitness Seminar


For appreciation for your loyal support of the studio, we will be offering a special deal for ALL NUEVOLUTION DANCE STUDENTS…Basically this is our new and improved Incentive Program. For every 2 new students you bring to the studio you will get 1 “Nuevo-Point.” These Nuevo-Points can be used to purchase any items in the studio (Class Cards, Shoes, Shirts, Bags, Towels, etc.) Anything at the studio for sale can be used with the Nuevo-Points you have accumulated to purchase any items at any of our 2 locations. In conjunction with bringing in 2 new students, you MUST check-in to the studio using a social media application called Foursqure.  Foursquare can be used on your cell phones.  Simply goto the apps store and search for foursquare and install it on your phone.  It can be linked to your facebook accounts as most of you have facebook.  We will have a price scheme for the items for sale at the studio.

If you bring people but you did not check-in with the  foursquare app you will not get the Nuevo-Point.

7100 Pines Blvd #3 LOCATION

The more you bring & the more check-in’s you do via foursquare, the more Nuevol-Points you get.  My family, We of Nuevolution Dance Studios want to thank you for all the love and support you have and continue to show us. We really want you to take advantage of this deal guys. Get your Nuevo-Points and get all kinds of stuff for FREE.  For more information about this please call us at (954) 589-2362 or just email us at

“Innovate your Body and Soul”

Que Nuevo?  Nuevolution!!!!


Do you like to travel?
Are you interested in having more intensive dance and fitness training?
Do you have a desire to show your talents to the world?

If you answered YES to all the above questions, then you should definitely join the Nuevolution Performance Team

No experience is required

We only ask that you be dedicated and hardworking

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